Saturday, March 27, 2010

Emergency Room Trips -Two Days in a Row!!!

Can you believe it?!!!  First, Stasia tripped, fell and cut her head open on one of our dining room chairs.  Then the next day, Seth was going down our driveway in a play car, flipped forward and gashed his chin open in two places and scratched his face open as well.  So, Stasia and Seth are sharing the great joy of being glued at the same time. :)  Thankfully, the ER trips went well both times and they are healing nicely.  (Note:  The reason why Mommy is hardly ever in the pictures is because she is the one typically taking all of them.)

Waiting to be seen.
Daddy was able to get away from work and meet Mommy and Stasia at the ER.

Stasia getting glued.

After her trip to the ER, daddy and mommy took her out for a "being a trooper" meal (plus, they hadn't eaten lunch yet! :)

Seth's Experience
Seth waiting to be glued (we actually thought that he was going to need stitches, but thankfully they were able to glue it instead).

A closer look at his chin.  His gashes were very deep!

Seth and the nurse who cleaned and glued his chin.

After his trip to the ER.  Seth got to eat out too! :)

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The Ahlgren Family said...

OUCH! ...there's not much more to say! We're very glad to hear that they're doing better, and thankful that they didn't get hurt any worse! Seems like Seth got his head pretty good not too long ago! Nice bloody pics too by the way! :b
We missed seeing you all today!!! Lord willing we'll see you next week! :D