Saturday, March 6, 2010

Misc. Pictures From the Past Month

Here I have combined a lot of different happenings from the past month.

"Keeper of the Home"Day.
 On Fridays, we sometimes try to do a different kind of handwork or something to prepare us for taking care of our own homes someday.  A couple of weeks ago, mommy got each of us girls a new cross-stitch to work on.  The boys wanted to do something too and mommy surprised them with modeling clay.
The boys made animals with modeling clay.


The girls working on the cross-stitches.

Times in the Cochran house...  
Shenandoah loves to play at the toy kitchen.

School days


Shenandoah loves her oatmeal with blueberries.

   Cochran Family Night of Cooking 
After watching one of the new "Homestead Blessings" DVD's, our family became hungry for a homestead breakfast (for dinner)!  So, everyone pitched in and had fun preparing it together.

The little girls at their stations.

Stasia and her apples with onions.

Preparing to cook.

Sabrina did the pancakes.

Daddy and the green smoothie.

 Stasia also made fresh orange juice.

Shenandoah liked the fresh juice!

 Our family recently watched an old black and white movie about the Air Force during WWII.  It was very good and as you can see, it influenced the children's play for the next several days!

Sayer and his plane.

Aproaching the enemy!

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