Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apricots and Sand Plums

 Over the summer, we had many fruit picking expeditions and canning adventures!  My family first picked and canned apricots when I was with the "O" family.  When I got back home, it was such a fun surprise to have all of the cans of apricots on the counter.  They did a great job!  Here are quite a few pictures from our experiences with some of the fruit harvests of the summer.

 Sabrina picking apricots.

 Seth picking

 Even Shenandoah helped!  
(I think she ate more than she picked! :)

 In the orchard

 Going to pick sand plums

 Picking sand plums

 More picking

 Sayer with his bucket
 (I think the sun was in his eyes)

 Daddy picking apricots


 A night time sand plum picking excursion 


 Sand plums

 Part of the harvest

 More of the harvest

 We used honey in all of our canned goods this year.  They turned out great!

 Getting things ready



 This is what the table looked like at the end of the day and...

 ...this is what the counter looked like!!!

 Canning sand plums

 The boys helped

 Time for more picking!  
We would shake the high branches after we picked all that we could reach and catch the fruit in the sheet.  It worked pretty well.

 Daddy and I (if you wonder where Mommy was - she was right there picking and canning, but also manning the camera!!)

 More canning

 Cutting the fruit

 Another harvest

Sand plum jelly

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The Ahlgren Family said...

That's some major canning! So happy your harvest was so good! Praise the Lord!