Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Few Days With the "O" Family...

In June, I spent a couple days with the "O" family so that I could be with their children while Mr. O had surgery.  Everything went well both with Mr. O and those of us at their home.  Here are a few pictures of our time together and some of the things we did.


Sarah making breakfast

Selah and Wallace


Playing Charades...
Selah's turn 

Sydnee's turn

Camera wars!!!

Sarah's turn

Wallace was not feeling well at all and had a very high fever.  Poor little guy!!!

Elly's turn

My turn

Then we read books...
Sydnee and Sherrod

Elly, Selah, and I

During nap time, we painted our fingernails - just for fun!

We tried to get a group picture - not too bad for doing it ourselves! :)

That night, Mrs. O and Abby ended up having to take Wallace to the doctor.  So Sarah and I did our best to keep Calvin happy.  He did really well but couldn't go to sleep.  Until...
I played his favorite Charlie Zahm song and that did the trick!

Thankfully, the next day, Wallace was doing much better.

I had a great time with you all!!!

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