Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Weekend Out With Daddy

In November, daddy took all of us kids out for a weekend to allow mommy time to herself to plan school and so forth.  We had a lot of fun!!!  Here are some pictures of what we did...

We ate lunch at daddy's office

Sabrina helped me fix it!

Throwing darts 

The dart board - it has some funny sayings on it


Eating lunch

That evening, Joshua Harris joined us at the bowling alley and we all went bowling!  Most of us kids aren't very good : ) but we had a lot of fun.

Sienna's turn

Seth's turn

The whole group 
(minus Shenandoah and I - we were taking the picture :)

After bowling, we all went out to dinner

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Anonymous said...

Wow you've done a lot of blogging Savannah!!!

Looks like ya'll had a blast on your weekend 'out' with dad! I LOVE bowling too!!!!!! We actually just went with a friend the other day!!

I loved the 2 photos of the rainbow and the sunset!! And your little sis Shenandoah!!! CUTE!!!

Great job on all the postings!!!! I need to do the same.... I am so behind on our blog!! Yikes!

I enjoyed looking at them all! (Got your letter in the mail today!) :D

Sarah Gilmore