Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seth's Birthday - January 21st, 2011

 The Cochran Kids

 Daddy and Seth by his birthday countdown sign

 Seth and Savannah

 Seth and Sabrina

 Seth and Shenandoah

 Seth and Sayer

 Seth and Stasia

 Seth and Sienna

 Cowboy Seth

 Seth by his birthday dinner!  He chose calzones.

A little story... we had a small fire in the oven (that was interesting :), so it put dinner a little behind because we then had to let the oven cool, clean it up, and then reheat and start the cooking process all over!  It worked out good in the long run though because we got to play flashlight hide and seek while we were waiting to eat!!!  We had some good hiding places this time!!! 

 Eating dinner 
- Joshua got off late, but was able to join us for the rest of the evening after all!

 A birthday prayer...

 Blowing out the candles!!!  
Seth chose our great-grandma Elder's chocolate pie for dessert!

 Seth and Joshua

 Seth and his new penguins.  
In case you haven't noticed, Seth loves penguins!!!

The next day...
 Daddy and the boys put together Seth's new lego jet.

They really enjoyed working on it together!

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