Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Snow Storm and ... Burst Pipes!!!

We had an interesting experience a few weeks ago.  We were hit with a big snow storm and below zero temperatures.  This was a really bad time to forget to drip us girls' bathroom facet (which tends to be a little persnickety), but none the less it was forgotten and we ended up with frozen pipes.  Two days later when they finally thawed out... we had busted pipes!!!  That had never happened to us before and hopefully it won't happen again! :)  Thankfully we caught it pretty soon after they burst, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  It was still pretty bad though.  We had water dripping down the door posts, through the light fixtures, and down the walls.  Thankfully the only carpet that got wet was in the boys room and we were able to get some new padding down and re-stretch the carpet last week.  A couple days after the burst, daddy, Sabrina, and Sienna blew new insulation into the attic floors which should help a lot.  What we discovered in this whole thing is that the previous owners had a similar situation, but they didn't put any new insulation in.  Now that we have the insulation up there, it shouldn't happen again!

So, now to the pictures of the adventure.  Joshua Harris was over for dinner the night that it happened and was a huge blessing in helping us to get everything taken care of.  We really appreciated it!!!  We had just finished family worship when daddy called out from the hallway "We have a leak!!!"  Everyone scrambled to their places and daddy (after turning off the water to the house) ran to Lowes to get a few parts before they closed.

 Everything was a mess.  We used almost every towl in the house to clean up the water - and all of the fans too!!!

 Up in the ceiling - thankfully we had already had our skylight removed which aided in the speed with which we were able to assess the situation.  Joshua also poked a small hole in the ceiling to allow the water to drain.

 Ladder holding duty (it got interesting when it tried to tip)

 Pulling up carpet- it was soaked

 The next day, Sabrina was on ladder holding duty

 The boys room was torn apart

 Ladders really come in handy :)


The girls and the blower

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Anonymous said...

Woa! I know you told me about this in a letter... but, WOW! Looks pretty bad!!

Glad ya'll had some 'handy help' to qucikly cleen up the mess. :)