Tuesday, March 15, 2011



amy said...

I really like all the hats, Savannah! I'd seen some of them in pictures you've posted before, and I was actually meaning to leave a comment and let you know how nice I thought they were :) Thanks for sharing these photos...and Shenenandoah is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love YOUR hat Savannah! I've always wanted one similar to it... or a beret!



amy said...

Oh, I just saw that I mis-spelled Shenandoah's name in my comment...whoops! Sorry about that :)

Cochran Family said...

No problem Amy - I actually didn't even notice! :)


The Fowler Family said...

Hello Cochran Family,

Today is my daughters birthday and as a gift we are going to Vision Forums Father Daughter Retreat in GA. this weekend. So I was showing her on the web site some things we will be doing together, and as we were looking at the past events photos I saw your picture and thought I know these folks from somewhere then I remembered your blog. Such a small world.

Do you folks know Scott Brown and his family? I consider him a dear friend, and he was very instrumental in our church plant in Asheville NC

Blessings to you all,
Blane Fowler
our church web site is simpletruthbiblefellowship.com

The Ahlgren Family said...

Hat's are so fun! David's mother loved hats and his family even had a hat party once! Hmmm, maybe we should try that sometime!
It's so cute how Sayer is wearing his hat every time we see him! And that's a great picture of you Savannah!