Thursday, March 31, 2011

February Happenings...

We had a couple BIG snows!!!

We had some big drifts!

Aren't snow covered trees beautiful?!

A winter wonderland

Sabrina took Shenandoah out to play in it.  I think this was one of the first times Shenandoah played in snow and she was really excited.

They sled down our snow covered stairs!

A few random pictures...
Stasia crocheted this beautiful purse!  She came up with the pattern all by herself.  Didn't she do a great job?!

Shenandoah and I enjoy a walk on a warm day

Sabrina made Seth a "feather pen"

Shenandoah is a good little mommy

Mr. O's surprise 50th birthday party...
The cake

Mrs. O had a few words to say

The O's 
(or most of them anyway!)

Opening gifts

We got our wood stove in!!!
We've really been enjoying it!!!

A quick flash back...
Daddy cutting away the carpet to prepare for the stove!

Mommy did most of the tile -she did a great job!

Doesn't the tile look great?!

The wood gathering crew
 -we just had to try our new stove out!

The kindling 

Our faithful reader of the instruction manual

Now it's time for the big stuff!!

The first flame

The cautious boy and the confident boy

Gathered around enjoying the stove 
(thank you mommy for the picture!)

The Thomas' came up for an evening a couple of weeks ago...

...and horsey rides!!!
Stasia and her faithful steed Domino (aka Matthew)

As always it was a great time you all!!!  
I once again had too much fun to remember to get any pictures (thanks to mommy for these!)!!!  


Anonymous said...

Savannah! This is a fun post! The new stove looks GREAT!! And really WARM!

And the TILE looks WONDERFUL Mrs. Cochran!!!!! I have laid tile in 2 rooms... it is very tedious work! SO good job!!

Loved it!

Sarah Elisabeth

The Ahlgren Family said...

The wood stove and tile look terrific! Stoves are so nice to have! When we got our first one we sat and watched the fire for a long time in silence before one of us noted that it was almost as bad as having the other "black box" going all the time! Haha! We hope to get one for our new house this coming winter!
Great snow pictures! The trees are beautiful!
From this post and the last one it looks like ya'll have been having lots of fun with the Thomases and Joshua! They're great folks, and ya'll are too!