Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something New - Cochran Family Briefs and Debreifs

Recently, daddy started using some of the techniques and information he has learned in the Air Force to help our family be more effective and pleasing to the Lord in our schedule, home life, and whatever we undertake to do.  Daddy includes different Bible lessons to help us hit our "targets" and avoid our "threats".  Each week has new (and sometimes a few old), objectives to achieve. As they've gotten a little harder, we've had to sometimes work on objectives for more than one week.   It has really been a blessing and we've already noticed a big improvement!!!  It has been a lot of fun too!!!

Sunday Evening Brief For the Week...
 Schedule, Education, Goals, Targets, Things to Avoid, and a lot more!


Saturday Evening Debrief From the Week
 Discussing/Taking Notes

 Assessing how we did

Overall, we got pluses for all of our objectives that week.  Yeah!!!

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