Friday, September 9, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. "Dozen's" Anniversary - July 16th, 2011

For Mr. and Mrs. "Dozen's" anniversary, they came to our house.  The parents went out to dinner and the kids all had fun at home!  Here are some pictures...

 Happy Anniversary!!!

 The Parents

 Sabrina and Abby made dinner

We had some delicious fresh watermelon that they brought too!!!

 When I went to get Sayer's picture, this is the pose I got :)

 Wallace and Calvin

 Wallace and Shenandoah

 Stasia, Sherrod, and Abby

 The rest of us (minus myself -I'm behind the camera!)

 Sarah and Shenandoah

 Me and my buddy William


 Playing ball

 Little Cowboy

 Selah, Sayer, Elly, Seth

 Shenandoah was spinning Calvin...

 ...he wasn't so sure about that...

 ...she wasn't getting the message :)...

 Calvin really didn't like this!
(Isn't it cute and funny when little kids try to mother "babies" that are almost their own size!)

 Sydnee to the rescue!!!

 William liked the slide

 Sarah and I

Sydnee and Sherrod gave daddy and riddle to solve!

It was a fun time with you all!!!

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