Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Visit From Cousins... July 12th-14th, 2011

Daddy's cousin Becky and her husband, Rod, came for a visit.  We had such a nice time!!!

 Rod and Becky

 Rod, Stasia, and Shenandoah playing with some little games that they brought

 Ring a round the rosies 
(or pumpkins as we sometimes say!)

 We all fall down!

 Cousin Becky is a music teacher and does a very good job singing in parts.  She helped us to start singing in parts too and taught us some good voice warm ups.  Thank you, Cousin Becky!  We've really been enjoying practicing!!!

 She taught Seth some on his guitar

 Sayer and Shenandoah

 Cousin Becky also helped Stasia with her sewing machine

 They made a doll skirt!

 Daddy and Rod

 Due to a big thunderstorm, we lost power for about 3 hours one of the evenings they were here.  That's one way to have a candle lit dinner!!! :)

 Talking together in the living room while the power was off

 We played the "Blanket" game with them

 Looking at old family photos- Cousin Becky knows so much of our family history.  It was so much fun to hear all of her stories and see all of the photos!

 Rod, Becky, and the Cochran kids

 Rod, Becky, Daddy, and Mommy

Daddy and Cousin Becky

Thank you both for coming!!!  We look forward to next time we're together!!!

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