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Sayer's Birthday and Omaha Beach May 5th, 2012

We celebrated Sayer's 7th birthday before heading off to Omaha Beach (among other destinations for the day!).  What a memorable 7th birthday for a young lad!

Brothers and sisters birthday picture.

Shen and Sayer

Seth and Sayer

Stasia and Sayer

Sienna and Sayer

Sabrina and Sayer

Sayer and I

Mommy, Sayer, and Daddy

He was thrilled to get a new flight suit and also some BDU's!! 

Having fun listening to a new CD of songs from WWII.

Lots of stone!!

An old French farmhouse.

A neat old church in a small village.

Look at the hedgerows on the right - no wonder they proved such a problem when trying to move men and tanks through!

It looks like we're going the right way!!

You can barely see the beach in the background.

This nice French lady gave Sayer a little gift when she found out it was his birthday.

It was a really neat museum. 

The different sets were complete with sound effects.

The D-Day beaches.

Pictures from the liberation.

We headed off to the other museum that is right on the beach.  We watched a good documentary about many of the different men who fought on D-Day.


The first one is a little blurry, but I think you can read them if you blow them up.  These give a good synopsis of the D-Day operations.

Daddy and the boys.

Some of the character qualities exhibited by the men on D-Day.

The Omaha Beach cemetery.

Walking the grounds.

Pausing to reflect and discuss.

The memorial at Omaha Beach.

Inside the memorial.

"Think not only upon their passing, remember the glory of their spirit."

Family picture.

The landing beaches.

Looking down at Omaha Beach.

Looking up.

The pictures really don't do it justice at all.  We were tired from the hike and that was with stairs!  Our men had to fight their way up the beaches in the midst of tons of obstacles.

Walking down to the beach.

Almost there...

Mommy and daddy on Omaha beach.

Looking out over the water.

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