Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Germany Week 2 - Abroad Part Three - Heidelberg!

A trip to Germany wouldn't be complete for us without visiting Heidelberg - one of our favorite cities!

On the road again.

A trip to Heidelberg means a trip to our favorite bakery!

Shen picked a special ladybug treat.

There was a storm moving in... we quickly made our way to Starbucks amidst thunder and lightening!

We got there just as it started to rain.

After it cleared off again, we headed back outside.

We listened to this lady play!

Shenandoah and this little German girl had fun stomping in the puddles together. :)

We stopped at our favorite doner place for dinner - another must!!  These gentlemen remembered us from last year.

(I shouldn't have been typing this near dinner time :)

The kids had fun playing around this fountain.

There was a BEAUTIFUL double rainbow on the way home!!!  Two complete arches and so bright!!!  I think it was the best rainbow I've ever seen.

I love rainbows - such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness to fulfill ALL His promises.

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