Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sabrina's 10th Birthday March 19th

Happy Birthday Sabrina!!! Sabrina had a great birthday. We worked and played outside in the morning and enjoyed spending time with Jubilee, Sabrina's new goat. In the evening, we enjoyed a pleasant spring rainstorm. After the little ones went to bed Daddy, Mommy, Sabrina and I (Savannah) stayed up late spending time together. What a pleasant day we had together.

Sabrina and Sienna enjoying a pleasant game of Tally Ho!!!

Sabrina got to ice her cake!

After Daddy got home from work we gathered in the living room for Sabrina to open her presents.

The Proceedings

Sweet Sisters

Oh! Seeds!!!

Sabrina opening her garden tool set that Daddy and Mommy got for her. Sienna was enjoying getting a closer look too!

Sabrina and I (Savannah)

Sabrina and Sienna

Sabrina and Stasia - who was not feeling well at all.

Sabrina and Seth

Sabrina and Sayer

All of us down by "Sweet Sabrina's Garden" the plot of land Sabrina got for her birthday. Sabrina was so excited! She looks forward to using the garden tool kit that Mommy and Daddy got her. Poor Stasia wasn't feeling well so she got a piggy back ride.

The kithchen crew (Mommy was part of it too, but she's the one who took the picture!), fixing Sabrina's birthday meal. Sabrina had asked for steak, mashed potatoes and a pepper and onion dish that we make. That's what she got!

Say a prayer...

...blow out the candles!!!

Sabrina enjoying her cake and ice cream with some fresh cherries. Yum!!!

Daddy and Sabrina next to the special birthday countdown sign that Daddy has a tradition of doing for each of us starting 10 days before our birthday.

We love you Sabrina. May our dear Lord bless you and keep you forever!

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