Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Wonderful Visit With The Ocker Family March 24th-25th

We were blessed by a visit from our sweet friends the Ocker Family. We had such a great time of fellowship with them!!! Saturday night we had a bonfire and a wonderful time singing hymes. They spent the night with us and we had church at our house the next day.

Elly and Sayer enjoying time with the goats.

Sherrod, Stasia, Sienna and Sydnee

Sherrod, Sayer and Elly

Mr. Ocker with the handy roasting stick that he made.

Daddy and Mr. Ocker roasting hotdogs.

Sarah and Sabrina

Mommy fixing plates.

Mrs. Ocker feeding the little girls.

Sarah, Savannah, Sabrina and Abby

Selah and Elly Ocker

The younger children enjoying their hotdogs!

Daddy, Mommy and Sayer

Mr. and Mrs. Ocker with Sydnee, Elly, Selah and baby on the way!

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