Monday, April 2, 2007

Sabrina's Early Birthday Present March 18th

This Sunday, our church family had a joint fellowship with another home church in Guthrie. We met in the home of the Morris family. It was a very pleasant day. Unfortunately, Mommy and Sayer had to stay home with Sienna and Stasia who were not feeling well. While we were there, we got Sabrina an early birthday present from the Morris family - a baby goat! s. She was so excited and so were the rest of us!!! Sabrina named her goat Jubilee.

The ladies fixing plates for the fellowship meal.

Sabrina and the Ocker girls enjoying the baby goats.

Sabrina and Jubilee getting to know each other.

Sabrina and Jubilee getting set for the trip home.

Sabrina sat by Jubilee all the way home. She was so excited that she got a baby goat for her birthday!

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