Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cochran Family Funnies

It is so much fun to listen to the little ones talk. Anyone with little children (or younger siblings!) knows how they can come up with the funniest things! This is a conversation that I heard between Seth and Stasia a couple of weeks ago.

Seth was looking at a book in the living room with Stasia close by.

Seth said: "Look Stasia! Dere's an ellow balloon an ellow balloon!!"

Stasia Replied: "No it's not an ellow balloon."

Seth: "Det it is an ellow balloon!"

Stasia: "No Seth, it's not an ELLOW baloon it is a LELLOW balloon!!!"

Seth: "OH, it is a LELLOW balloon."

Stasia: "Dat's wight very dood."

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