Friday, June 29, 2007

Wednesday in Jamestown June 13th

Wednesday, we went on a tour in Jamestown. We had a great day!!!

Col. John Eidsmoe. We enjoyed his tour very much!

My siblings and I by the Pocahontas statue.

All of us with a Jamestown Tour guide. We talked with this gentlemen for a few minutes. He was a very nice man and a WWII vet.

Sabrina, Sienna and Seth

Sienna inspecting the graves. "Is That the person's hand?!" (She really said that!)

Wednesday evening, we went to a very neat Colonial Restraunt in Colonial Williamsburg. The waiters and waitresses wore colonial outfits and the food was good!

Waiting for our food.

These two men played 17th century music on the mandolins.

The ducks and squirrels (we don't have a picture of the squirrels) got very close to us!!! It was fun watching them.

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