Friday, June 29, 2007

My Poem: Jamestown For Children

This is the poem that I (with joint effort from Daddy and Mommy) wrote. I entered it into the Jamestown Poetry contest and won the children's category!!! We were very excited!!!

Jamestown For Children

Jamestown is important, but why is it so?
Take this journey with me and you’ll find out below.

God in His providence sent by the sea,
Englishmen to this land from the Virginia Company.

The men had a purpose – a mission to fulfill,
to establish a colony and spread the gospel – God’s will.

Years before Richard Hakluyt - God’s chosen man,
had the vision to spread the Gospel in this far away land.

A mosquito ridden swamp just happened to be,
selected in God’s providence to birth our nation you see.

Through troubles and trials the Lord was their guide.
They trusted in Him their needs to provide.

God used imperfect men like Captain John Smith.
The colonial people he guided and helped to equip.

A land of many firsts was this new colony.
Some say it’s not important, the truth they don’t see.

The first permanent English settlement was Jamestown it’s true.
By God’s mighty hand protestant worship there grew.

This was the site of America’s first church,
as well as discipling the first Indian convert.

The princess Pocahontas soon was baptized.
She trusted in the Lord, her Savior and Guide.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas - the first marriage in Jamestown,
their hearts before God together were bound.

In addition to these firsts an enduring legacy was birthed,
the basis for our legal system was built on God’s Word.

The colony of Jamestown through God’s revelation,
had Christ at the center – He was the foundation.

We must work hard - our Godly heritage to repair,
or we’ll soon find ourselves in ruin and despair.

This now is the end of our Jamestown story.
Let us give praise to our LORD – To Him be the glory!

By Savannah Cochran


the vaughans said...

This is lovely Savannah! Great job! And congratulations on winning!!

Ash V.

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Brookerfam said...

I was looking for a poem about Jamestown for my girls ages 9 and 7 to memorize. When I found this poem, i was so grateful! your focus on God's will and hand in the settlement is worded so beautifully, that will strengthen my daughters faith and love for God and this country as they memorize this! Thank you for posting this and sharing it! You are beautiful daughter of God inside and out! May God Bless you with his choicest blessings!

Cochran Family said...

Wow, what an encouragement your comment was! Thank you!! I'm blessed to know that your daughters will be memorizing it.

God bless you and your family!

~ Savannah