Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Trip Home June 17th-20th

Here are some pictures from our trip home. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Seth in front of the Marriot where we stayed.

Before leaving the Marriot we did Father's Day in the van. Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! We love you so much!!!

Getting ready to go

After we left, we went to visit Aunt Merilou and our cousins in Virginia. It had been a while since we had seen them and it was nice visiting.

Issac and the little ones had a fun time playing together!


Seth and Sayer Hiding

Sienna Hiding

Eating Lunch

Aunt Merilou and Daddy

Cousins - Stasia and Issac were both born October 20th, 2002!!!

All of us with Josh, Issac, Aunt Merilou and Thomas

After we left Aunt Merilou's house, we were driving down a very busy section of highway and had a huge tire blow out!!! The Lord was watching over us. Thankfully no one got hurt and we were on the road again in about an hour and half.

Us kids waiting for daddy to change the tire.

A view of the mountains from where we waited for the tire to be fixed.

Sunday evening, Daddy took us through Greencastle, PA where Daddy's Mother grew up. Below is a picture of us standing in front of the house that she lived in!!!

Daddy used to come to Greencastle to visit his Aunt Loy in the summer when he was growing up. He said he alwasy had a great time. It was so much fun to see the places that Daddy has told us stories about!!!

The town circle where Daddy would go and get toys at an old "Five and Dime" store when he came back for the summer.

Monday, Daddy took us to see his Aunt Loy. We got to meet his cousin Becky as well. Aunt Loy was diagnosed with brain cancer last February and she went to be with the Lord four days after we left.

Daddy's cousin Becky, Sienna and Aunt Loy.

The Lord greatly blessed my siblings and I by allowing us to meet Daddy's Aunt Loy before she went to be with Him. I enjoyed greatly the time I had over the past couple years writing to Aunt Loy. She was a dear lady and a very special Aunt to Daddy.

All of us with Daddy's cousin Becky.

Monday night, we stayed with our good friends the Ryken's. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. Thank you for your hospitality!!!

We gathered in the living room for family worship.

Sabrina and Ashly

After family worship, the little ones enjoyed bear hunting and...

Horse rides!!!

The Ryken's son Justin.

Jesica showing me how to tat.

Us girls intent on a game of cards. We had so much fun!!!

Ashly and Jesica

Sabrina and Savannah

Mathias and Sayer

Jesica and Savannah

The Ryken family (Mr. Ryken had to leave early for work so he is not in the picture). Thank you all so much for letting us stay with you! It was such a blessing and we greatly enjoyed the fellowship!!!

Tuesday after leaving the Ryken's, we went to visit Mommy's Great-Aunts in Stockton IL.

This is the house that Mommy's Great-Grandfather bought in 1918. Great-Aunt Eleanor was born here in 1919 and still lives here today!!!

This is the original front door of the house which they still use!!!

Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Vivian in front of their family home in Stockton IL.

Sienna, Stasia and myself visiting with Aunt Vivian.

Mommy with Aunt Vivian and Aunt Eleanor.

All of us with Aunt Vivian and Aunt Eleanor. We were so happy to be able to visit them!!!

Grandma Elder (Mommy's mother) was born in Elizabeth IL.

We spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa (Daddy's parents) Tuesday before heading home on Wednesday.

Daddy and Grandma

What a wonderful vacation we had!!!

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