Friday, June 29, 2007

At The Jamestown Quadricentinnial Friday June 15th

Friday we had a wonderful day at Fort Pocahontas. We were happy to be able to spend the day with our good friends the Southerlands (who we hadn't been able to talk to all week because of the hunt!). Here are some pictures of the day!!!

The Jamestown Children's Parade.

My sisters and I in the parade.

Daddy, Seth and Sayer

Charlie Zahm. We enjoyed his music very much!!!

Daddy and Mommy

Savannah and Sabrina

The Cochran Family. Thank you Brittney for taking the pictures!!!

Master Sayer

Fort Pocahontas

Doug Phillips at the dedication ceremony for the Jamestown Children's Memorial.

Our family watching the dedication ceremony.

Master Seth

Stasia and Justin Southerland

Eating Dinner

Friday night, there was a reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Delegates and Patrick Henry's famous speach. It was very well done!!! Here are some pictures of the reenactment.

Three (actually four!) of the Delegates pose for a picture.

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