Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Chatham's Baby Shower

The Chatham family was recently blessed with a wonderful baby boy!  The families of our church gave them a baby shower.  Here are some pictures.

The Chatham family.

The cake.  Isn't it neat how it was done?!

Another picture.

A closer look at the flower bouquet.  It had Bible verses in it.

The table.

The diaper cake.

Opening the gifts.

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The Ahlgren Family said...

Hey Savannah! David's on the other computer so I can't e-mail and ask you this so I'm leaving it in a comment. You don't have to "approve" this comment for publication unless you just want to! :) A couple Sundays ago you made something in the crock-pot that had black beans(I think), rice, and cheese on top. It was REALLY good and we both loved it! I know you said you just threw random stuff together and hoped for the best, but I was hoping that you could possibly remember what all you threw together because I'd love to try to recreate it! :)
I've really enjoyed reading all of the posts you've done lately! The pictures of your brothers fixing their hair were hilarious! Sayer's belt on the outside is so funny! Love the one of you with antlers too!
Hope you're having a bee-utiful sting-free day!!!