Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wisdom Teeth - or rather lack thereof! :)

Thank you to those of you who prayed. I really appreciate it! We just got home a little while ago and the operation went well. I am so thankful! I'm feeling pretty good right now. Hopefully it won't be too bad once the pain meds wear off. :)

Mommy got me this really cute and fuzzy lion to keep me company while I'm resting! I think I'll be up and running again soon.

Me and Laylee the Lion (I don't look too funny!)

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Brittney said...

Savannah, I'm so glad it went well! I'll be praying for a quick recovery. Just remember- do not suck on a straw!!!

Emily said...

Oh my! I'm glad you're feeling pretty good. I think I'd be a mess!! You look great. My brother looked like a chipmunk when he got his removed ;D

Get lots of rest with your (adorable) lion!


amy said...

I'm glad getting your wisdom teeth removed went well, Savannah. I hope that your recovery is really quick!!

Blessing to you, dear friend!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Wow, I'm surprised to see that you posted on the same day! I was so out of it the day I got mine out! My grandma came by and brought me a card and a gift and I didn't remember it at all until a week later! I was cleaning off my dresser when I found her card and then I had a vague memory of her sitting by my bed!
You don't look bad at all!!! :D Hope the swelling stays down along with the nausea and pain! We were thankful to hear that the procedure went well and we're praying that your recovery does too!
Love and Prayers,
( : David'sKate : )