Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Hive of Bees!

I got a new hive.  I had to do a lot of fixing and cleaning out on the inside because it was pretty messed up.  But I (with the help of an older gentlemen who has bee keeping for thirty years) got them all taken care of.  They are extremely strong and very aggressive after all we had to do to them!!! 

The hive.

You can see all of the frames we had to take out and replace.  We left them there so that the bees could regather the honey stores from them.


Laura said...

That great about the new bee boxes!
I really wish I could get some of my own! I think I'll have to wait awhile on that though. :)
Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!
Many Blessings,

P.s. I sent you a card so I hope it gets there soon!

Emily Elizabeth said...

I bet you're excited! Sounds great. One of my friends down here does some bee keeping.

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAVANNAH!!!** I hope you have a blessed day :D


Our Family said...

Thank you Laura! I am having a great day!

Thank you for the card too. I got it earlier and really appreciated it. :)

I'll write soon!


Our Family said...

Thank you too Emily!!! I enjoyed hearing from you the other day. You should be hearing from me soon. :)