Friday, April 23, 2010

The Father and Daughter Retreat - 2010

Sabrina and I were very thankful to be able to go to the Vision Forum Father and Daughter retreat last month with Daddy.  We had a wonderful time together and were greatly blessed and encouraged.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

The retreat was held at the beautiful Callaway Gardens in GA.

We drove straight through on Thursday which worked out very well because we had time to explore on Friday before the retreat started.  We went bike riding!!!

In the woods.

The following pictures are some different views of the lake.

Then, we went to a "Birds of Prey" show. It was very interesting!

The birds flew right over our heads!

Time For Lunch!
We ate lunch at "Sages" - a neat old-style soda fountain.  

The chicken salad and fruit was very good!

The Ocker's ate there with us too.

Watching the man fix our drinks.

Sabrina and I had our first-ever root beer floats.  They were delicious!!!

A closer look.

Sarah and I

A look at the inside.

And the Retreat Officially Began!

The Four-Legged race (Sabrina and I were each on one side).

It was difficult, but went pretty good until our legs came untied! :)

Then, we did it backwards (which was actually easier!)

We were almost to the end, got tangled up, and fell down!  It was fun though!
(Thank you, Emily for the pictures! :)

The Obstacle Course.

Sabrina, Daddy and I.

The picnic.

We had an enjoyable time visiting with friends.

Listening to the messages.

The Tea Table

A look at the place settings.

A closer look at the table.

Us and the Ocker's sitting down to tea (we enjoyed meeting others who joined us as well.)

Isn't that pretty?!

The girls of our table

Saturday afternoon, we had some time before the evening sessions.  So, we decided to drive up to 
La Grange, which was named for Lafayette's residence in France.
In front of the statue of Lafayette. 

The plaque.

We had a nice time looking around and we got ice cream too!  This sign caught our attention.  I wonder why? :)  It wasn't open yet though, so we couldn't look inside.

After that, we went back to Callaway.
We went to the butterfly exhibit.

Here are some hatching and also a few that were newly hatched.

Sunday on our way home, we were so thankful to be able to see the Hardy's!  We had a wonderful time of fellowship over breakfast.  

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Jeri Beth & Mary Pate said...

Hi Savannah, Sabrina, and family!
We enjoyed seeing the pictures! We also had a wonderful time with y'all at breakfast on Sunday!
Savannah, thanks so much for your letter - I received it on Thursday.
We'll talk to you later,
~Jeri Beth & Mary Pate