Friday, December 23, 2011

Misc. October Stuff

 Sabrina made taffy...

 ...and learned how NOT to handle it!!! :)

 They sure did like it though!


 School days 

 We got our piano tuned!!!  (so nice!)

 Sabrina doing Latin

 Paper dolls

 Airplanes and army men

 Samson is getting big  - and is ALL puppy!!! :)

 Shenandoah wanted Sayer to rock her for nap time




 The men went on a late night apple order pick up adventure in Kansas!




 Yard work


 I love this picture - isn't it great?! 
(mommy took it :)

 Family night 
(I think this one was on Saturday :)

 Tea anyone?

Working by daddy 
(Shenandoah calls the apple her computer)


admin said...

Nice Photos.

Emily Brower said...

I love the photo of how NOT to handle the taffy! That's great.