Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roofing Day #1

Yes, with all the bad storms this past year and the hail, our roof badly needed replaced.  Our church families have been a HUGE blessing to our family and they helped us put a new roof on.  We couldn't have done it without them!!!  We went with a metal roof and are very pleased with it.  After three roofing days, and much help from friends, the roof is done!!!  Here are some pictures from roofing day #1.

 The kids had fun playing

Daddy ended up needing some more supplies, so Katelyn, Lilian, Sabrina, and I had a fun adventure trek up to the small town supply store.  We were successful and it was fun!! :)

 Mrs. Fleshman and Mommy had lunch done when we got home!

 Lunch break

 Mommy's cooler line (sorted by product)...

 ...worked out great!

 The Ahlgren's

 On the roof

 Too cute! :)

 The other side of the roof

 It was roofing day so there are a lot of roof pictures :)

 Mr. Fleshman and daddy

 We ladies enjoyed some fellowship time too!

 Mommy made a great protein drink


 David started slipping off the roof  - thankfully he caught himself, but his drink went all over him!!!
A couple of the younger ones who came around the corner at that time thought he was bleeding very badly!!! Thankfully that wasn't the case. :)

 Lilian and Shenandoah

 Lilian must have worn herself out with all the fun.  We found her curled up on Sayer's asleep.

 It's looking great - we are really happy with the color.  It matches our paint and the carport really well!

THANK YOU everyone for all of the help - what a blessing!!!


Anonymous said...


I wanted to pass on this blog site for your mom. The lady is a friend of mine. Her husband is TDY in Germany right now and she accompanied him. They were stationed there when we were there but then relocated to San Antonio. He is a civilian contractor and she is a published author. Her site is and then you just click on her blog site *button*. She is blogging about Germany and has lots of interesting info/German phases/words listed. Your Mom can even send her a message and she will reply back, if she'd like some information about what to expect going there TDY. They live close to Ramstein.

Mrs. McKinnon.

Anonymous said...

BTW... please tell you Mom that I think she looks BEAUTIFUL!!! And I miss her...

Mrs. McKinnon

Veronica said...

It DOES look nice! Praise the LORD for church family!