Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Last FFF Night With the Harris'

With the end of September nearing fast (and thus Joshua's graduation from pilot training and moving on to his next training) we all enjoyed our last Friday Family Fun Night together - although it was sad and hard to believe it was the last!  Here are some pictures:

 Making dinner

 Around the table

 Cleaning up!

 Daddy and Joshua

 Singing the books of the New Testament

 Joshua ("Bub") and Shenandoah

 Hymn sing

 The "Breathing" game! :)

With it being the first day of fall, what could be better than baked apples!!! 

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Mikaela said...

You have been busy blogging! I love those evenings together as a family, and we all love baked apples too--especially since we're in the apple capitol! Do the Harrises live with you or just nearby? It's certainly special to have those close friends.