Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prep For Germany

Wow!! Here is another "while it's happening" post. I think I've set a new record!! :)

So, here is what our house looks like right now (with all of our different piles, packings, and projects):

Yes, we're still going to do school while we're gone - the books came in just underweight on the allowance when we did our test pack.

The table right now

We have a great fire going!!


Our passports came in!


My project table as of late - old picture scanning, journals, learning German, and new year letter addressing.

We made breakfast easy this week

Poor Sienna isn't feeling good - I think she's getting better though

You can't work without music

The other half of our dining room

Our first two completely packed suit cases - boots, winter gear, and summer clothes!!

Mommy is busy with office work

Sabrina cleaning

Shenandoah helping

Stasia cleaning

Banana break!!

Lovely candles

Camera wars!! Seth loves his new camera daddy and mommy got him!

Our backpacks - these are partially packed and are what we will be living out of. Talk about simplifying - it will be great!!

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Jesi said...

Busy, busy! Wow, I bet you are all excited! :)
When are you guys leaving? And will you be able to send me a mailing address so that we can keep in touch while you're in Germany? :)

with love,