Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stasia's 10th Birthday - October 20th, 2011

Happy Birthday Stasia!!!  We Love You!!!

 The birthday girl

 She was excited to be able to get her military ID!!


Shenandoah and Stasia

 Sayer and Stasia 

 Seth and Stasia 

 Sienna and Stasia

Sabrina and  Stasia

 Savannah and Stasia 

 Mommy and Stasia 

 Daddy and Stasia 

 Yeaaaah - boots!!!

 Birthday Prayer

Blowing out the candles!!!


Heritage of Grace said...

Oh I love the gift she got for her birthday! Boots!
I also like the idea of a birthday prayer instead of a birthday wish. Did she actually get a real military ID?

Mikaela said...

I love that the birthday girl got an individual picture with each family member. Great memories!

Cochran Family said...

Yes, it's a real ID. That was one of the things about turning ten that she was looking forward to. :)

amy said...

Happy Birthday, Stasia! Looks like you had a great day :) Thanks for sharing the pictures, Savannah!

I am curious--what's a military ID? =)