Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heidelberg Part Four (final part! :)

Okay, last part!  This is what we did on our second day in Heidelberg.

 Getting everyone situated and ready to start out!

 Getting ready to enter old town

 In which we walk
(you do a lot more of that over here!! :)

 Looking up at the castle from old town

 Narrow roads

 An all important way to start the day! :)

 The square in old town

 Hercules - reminded us of our horse back home :)

I love this picture of my sister!!

 With daddy

 The other kiddies

 This has an interesting story behind it -
In the 17th century, much of this area (including Heidelberg) was largely Protestant.  When the new Catholic ruler came into power, he had many "Madonna" statues (featuring Mary and Jesus) built in an attempt to convert the Protestants of Heidelberg back to Catholicism.

 We stopped at...

 ...this bakery...
(supposedly the most famous one in Heidelberg)

 ...and enjoyed some apple strudel!!!

 It looks like Seth's really enjoying it. :)

Then began our biggest adventure of the day...

...the Philosophers Walk and the winding way!!!

Not too easy to walk up...

...especially with a stroller!!

Climbing higher...

...and higher!

The sun peeked through!!

More stairs

The view got to be quite amazing

Towards the middle of the hill, it was nice to be on pavement!!!

"Hey!  There's our van!!" :)
(the little white speck right by the water on the far left side!!)

A pretty yellow flower in the midst of everything else still waiting to bloom


I really like this picture

We really made our way around old town this day!!
Trace our steps - start on the far left of this picture (where we parked by the water), go through the town to the far right of the picture, back track to the old bridge and cross, then go up and all the way across the hill (pretty much the same distance if not further), and back down again!!!  Everyone slept good that night. :)


...wanted to explore this path!

There was a play area!

The kids had fun!!

I think Shenandoah enjoyed riding in the stroller :)

She had fun playing too!!


In which we enter...

...and go up!

The view from the top

Three sisters

Love you, "Doey"!!

More scenery

What goes up, must come down...

We thought this was interesting (large and small garage)

Almost down

This was funny to see

Lots of walking!!

Geese!!  Seth wanted to catch one :)

This picture was taken standing on the old bridge.  If you look close at the hill, you can see all of the trails where we walked. 
Okay, finish tracing our steps! - half way up the hill starting on the far right of this picture, go all of the way across (plus some - didn't get the whole thing in the picture :), and then all the way back across the bottom to the old bridge!!

Gelato!! - a perfect way to end the day :)


Veronica said...

I had a blonde moment when looking at the picture of the mail box LOL! I thought "why is it funny?" and THEN I remembered that you all were in GERMANY!!!! HEHEHEHE

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Goodness Savannah!!

Ya'll have been going going going!! Hiking all over the place!! I bet ya'll are loving it!!??

How'd you get a blister on your face?! Ouch! I know how you feel! (I sunburn EASY in the summer so I get lots of blisters if I don't cover up!!)

Talk to you soon!!

Eden said...

Wow! It looks like you all are having a delightful time!! :)

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