Monday, April 2, 2012

Heidelberg Part Three

Lots of posts on Heidelberg, I know, but we had too many pictures to condense into less posts!!  Or maybe I need to do better at sorting through (I'm really bad about that! :).  There's only one more Heidelberg post after this, so hopefully you're still enjoying the pictures!!

After we went to the castle, we toured around the old town.  We had a great time.  It was quite full of people at times, but so much more relaxing than when we were in Cologne!

On the bus

(side note: My smile is off because I've had a huge blister on the side of it - ouch!!  It is just now finally going away!!! :)

Sayer was especially excited about riding on a bus!!

The sign says it!

The Kornmarkt

Walking through old town Heidelberg

The Church of the Holy Spirit

Yes, we went up!!

The inside of the church

An interesting creature

Up we go!

A narrow passage

Narrower stairs!!

We're definitely getting higher!

To the top!!

(we learned when we went to Cologne - and have heard since - that Stasia has an extreme phobia to parking garages.  Elevators aren't much better, I don't care for them either, but we won't go there! :)  But, while we were here in Heidelberg, we learned that Sayer has and extreme dislike for heights!! Needless to say, once we got to the top of the church, we learned very quickly that being that high just isn't his thing!!)

Looking down on the village

Church steeple

Heidelberg from the top of the church

Hey, we were just over there!

Another angle of the town - look at all those people!

Shenandoah must have been tuckered out - she sat right down against the wall!!

Once we were back down, we saw this statue

Wait!  It wasn't a statue after all!!  Ha ha...
(Shenandoah wasn't too sure about him - hence the reason she's not in the picture)


We certainly made lots of them :)

We got some of these things (however you pronounce that!)

They were fun to try.  Some of us really liked them and others didn't care for them that much. 

We found one of these :)

It didn't seem right to eat at a Coyote Cafe in Heidelberg, Germany - but it felt a lot like home! 

This was an actual statue :)

Dinner was great
- stranger than eating at a Coyote Cafe in Germany though, was eating schnitzel at a Coyote Cafe!! :)

I thought these were very strange looking dogs - I had never seen that breed before!!
(no offense if any of our blog readers own such a dog!)

Where we were

There is a plaque here at the Heidelberg Universtiy honoring Martin Luther.

The Universitatplatz

Getting to be night

Old cobblestone roads

The Old Bridge

A pretty view of the Nekar River

A tourist offered to take a picture of us in front of this strange looking monkey.
(because we took one for them!)

Entrance to the bridge

There we are!

Looking out across one side of the bridge

Looking out over the other side of the bridge - and as mommy likes to tease us sometimes with things like "do you see the water on this side of the bridge?" - we always answer "yes mommy" - "well," she says, "it looks just like the water on the other side!!"

In front of the castle 

We thought this was a neat looking house

Heidelberg castle at night - daddy took this fabulous picture!


Veronica said...

Have been very busy here lately and had a bit of catching up to do on here :-)!
The view from the castle is breathe-taking!
Those dogs look like a type of grey hound (but I am NO dog expert!LOL)...
I love the picture of Heidelberg Castle at night!! NEAT!!!

Rebekah said...

WOW!!! You all sure are making memories there! I really like the last photo!