Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Map of the town

 Shenandoah was very happy to not be in her stroller!!

 Walking toward the Castle Church in Wittenberg

 History of the Castle Church (click to enlarge)

 Us kids on the grounds in front of the church

 The Theses Door
Although the orginal burnt down, this is where it once stood. It was an amazing thing to be at the place where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Church - and impacted church history forever!!

 In front of the theses door

 Daddy and Mommy in front of the theses door

 About the inside of the church

 Luther's 95 Theses

 Inside the church

 Martin Luther's grave inside the church

 Philip Melanchthon's grave inside the church

 Martin Luther

 Philip Melancthon

 The organ loft

Sitting in Wittenberg Castle Church

 In front of Martin Luther

 Windows in the church - some of the supporters of the reformation

Prince Elector Friedrich the Wise...

...and his grave -who sheltered Martin Luther at Wartburg Castle.

 Johann the Steadfast...

...and his grave - Friedrich the Wise' brother - who gave Martin Luther the monastery in Wittenberg to use as a house.

 Looking out from the church

 Walking through Wittenberg

 Melanchthon's House

 It was under quite a bit of scaffolding

 Luther's House

 Hopefully you read the plaque above, but incase you didn't :), this was originally a monastery and was given to Luther by John the Steadfast in 1532.

 Inside the gate

 A statue of Luther's wife, Katharina Von Bora

This was interesting

Here are a few things about the inside of the house - I could post so many more, but for sake of space and time I'll keep it short and sweet!

 Luther's pulpit from when he preached in the town church

 On the stairs - the house is huge!!

 Looking into some of the rooms

 The living room

 Lots of old books!!

When Friedrich the Wise forbid the selling of indulgences in Wittenberg, Tetzel went across the river to sell the indulges.

We went down into the cellar portion of the house which was also where the latrine was as well.

It was neat to explore and see about the different ways they prepared food, did farming, etc.

You originally had access from the inside of the house.

At the Luther home gate.

The Luther Oak - be sure to read about it!!

It's one of these trees (the actual one is not marked)
- the tree that is planted here now, was planted in 1830 on the anniversary of the Augsberg Confession.

Wittenberg University - this is the university that Friedrich the Wise began and Martin Luther taught at.

We very much enjoyed listening to the beautiful music of the open air orchestra band while we...

...enjoyed some ice cream!!!


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