Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Farmer's Market

Last Wednesday, Mommy took Sienna and I over to "Wagon Creek Creamery" (which is run by our friends the Crain's) to bake things for the Farmer's Market in their commercial kitchen. Daddy came over after work and helped us finish up. Here are a few pictures.

We made 180 chocolate chip scones!

We also made 30 lbs. of trail mix and 30 lbs. of granola!

Daddy working on packaging.

Sienna helped me with many different things. Here she is helping me with the dishes.

I took a turn at the packaging.

Was the big day!!! It was the Grand Opening for the Enid Farmer's Market. Things went very well!!! It was very windy and kind of chilly, but thankfully it wasn't raining. There was a great turn out! Seth and I helped Daddy run the tables. We had a very enjoyable time!

Here are a few pictures I took before things started up. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take anymore during the farmer's market! I also posted a video of it. I filmed around the circle of the market to try to give an idea of the set up. You can pause it at anytime to get a better picture of the different products. Enjoy!

Our Tables

These two signs kind of speak for themselves. Daddy made them and they worked out great!

Our egg table

Our baked goods table

Seth was a big help!



Wow, Savannah! I am so impressed! Your setup looks wonderful! We are praying that things settle down for your family now and you can get back to the resting/relaxing you had planned for the trip! That would be nice for all of us!
Maybe one Saturday, we can join you all at the Farmer's Market to help/buy/eat (we're especially good at that last one)!

The Cochran's said...

I'm glad you all liked the setup. That would be fun if you all came out sometime! :) Hope to see all of you again soon! ~ Savannah