Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Family Vacation To Tennessee April 19-25

We had a wonderful vacation! We stayed at Arnold AFB in Tullahoma, TN. The TLF (temporary lodging facility) that we stayed at actually used to be a part of base housing so, it was a lot bigger than a normal TLF would be. We were pleasantly surprised and spent a very enjoyable week there!

Here is what we did during the week.

, we drove to Arnold AFB.
Monday, we explored the area and found a delicious mexican restaurant!
Tuesday, we spent on the Base playing games and just hanging out.
Wednesday, we went to Amish Country in Ethridge, TN. We had such a wonderful day! I don't have any pictures because the Amish prefer you not to take photographs. But, we had a fun time driving around, purchased some delicious preserves and Daddy and Mommy surprised me by getting me a lovely hope chest. I am so exited!!! We also had a very wonderful experience (and one we weren't expecting) when a very friendly amish man invited us into his home and we were able to visit with him for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours! He showed us how they do things without running water or electricity and we had a very enjoyable time getting a glimpse of how they do things. When he told us about his family, he told us he has 13 children and 92 grandchildren!!! This was definitely a day we will never forget!
Thursday, we went to Pall Mall, and explored the life of Sgt. Alvin York. It was so much fun to be able to see the places we've read and heard about! I have a whole post dedicated to this down below.
Friday, we went to Leiper's Fork and Franklin and had a great day exploring around there. I have a whole post dedicated to this as well.
Saturday, the Lord blessed us with a safe drive home and we thus ended our wonderful week!
Enjoy All The Pictures!!!

When everyone was packing for the trip, their bag went through inspection before getting loaded in the van. Sayer packed his own bag and when we opened it, this is what we found...

He was prepared for almost any situation!!! We had to help him modify his preparations slightly. :)

A closer look.


Playing freeze tag at a rest stop. Our whole family got in on the fun!

Shenandoah wasn't so sure about the wind, but enjoyed getting out of her car seat!!!

Sleeping in the car.

Sabrina and I traded places for a little while (I normally sit up front by Shenandoah) and I played games with the kids in the back. (Here we were looking for all of the letters in the alphabet on road signs).

Crossing the Mississippi River.

The kids in the back.

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