Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pall Mall

We had such a fun time going to Pall Mall and seeing the places where Sgt. York lived and grew up. It's always pleasant to be able to put an actual picture with things you've only ever heard about. Here are a few pictures of the day.

The sign kind of explains it.

A general store that Sgt. York ran. I believe it is still run by the family and it has a lot of good information in it about the Yorks as well as soveineres.

The Cochran kids with Sgt. York's Great-Grandaughter.

By the sign.

Seth and Sayer a the tank.

The York Home. This is the home that the state of Tennessee had built for them on Sgt. York's return from the war.

A plaque

Some of the original out buildings.

This is the first room of the house where you start your tour. There are a lot of pictures and a short informative video.

This is one of the upstairs bedrooms

Another of the upstairs bedrooms.

Another of the upstairs bedrooms.

The kitchen (the sink and more counter was on the other side of the stove).

A study

The York's bedroom

The living room

Another sign

The Grist Mill

By the water.

Alvin and Grace's grave site.

We looked around the cemetary some and I thought this was an interesting gravestone.

All that is left of the home that Alvin York grew up in.

The church that the York's attended.

These are supposed to be the cliffs that Alvin York went to pray on.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I didn't realize there was a historic site of his home that was open to the public. We live in nearby Georgia. We'll have to make a trip up there. Thanks again for posting this.