Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Leiper's Fork, Franklin and Civil War Sight-Seeing

On Friday, we went to Leiper's Fork and Franklin, TN. We had a very enjoyable day sight-seeing.

The TLF where we stayed.


A very large tree in Franklin.

Leiper's Fork

Pukett's Grocery and Restaurant. We had heard about this in "A Journey Home" a wonderful documentary produced by "Franklin Springs Family Media" and it was fun to get to be here in person!

Eating lunch at Puckett's.

Flowers by the wayside.

Some other tourists took this picture of our family.

I was trying to give a view of what Leiper's Fork looked like with this picture.

Looking down the road the other direction.


In front of a very large tree at the Confederate Soldiers' Cemetary.

About the cemetary.

Another sign.

The largest private military cemetery in the US.

A Dixie flag over a grave.

This cemetary is located right behind the Confederate cemetary. The McGavock family is who owned this property and the plantation you'll see below.

I thought this was neat about Carrie McGavock.

The McGavock family cemetary.

About the plantation.

One view of the home.

The grounds.

Some of the out buildings and slaves' quarters.

The smoke house.

Another view of the home (Isn't this a pretty picture?!)

Standing at the gate.

The rest of the pictures are all of the grounds and gardens. We so enjoyed roaming them. They were so beautiful!

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