Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Assorted Pictures From Our Trip


Sayer pushing Shenandoah and I on the swing.

We all enjoyed the play ground!

Stasia and Shenandoah


We had fun playing games!!!

Mommy and Shenandoah

Before going to Pall Mall, we stopped at the jet displays to get a picture with daddy in front of the F-16. Daddy used to fly the F-16 before we moved here (now he trains people to fly them). The last time we got a picture with daddy in front of one it was just with Sabrina and I because the rest weren't born yet. We thought it was about time for another picture! :)

Arnold Air Force Base

In Front of the F-16

Daddy explaining some of the operations of the F-16 to us.

Stasia and Shenandoah


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