Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My (Savannah's) Birthday -April 29th

I had a wonderful birthday spending the day with my family who did so much to make it special!!! Here are a few pictures...

Sabrina surprised me by picking fresh flowers for my hair!

Sienna and Stasia did a wonderful job on my sign.

Mommy and Sabrina making my birthday lunch.

Sayer and I

Seth is a wonderful artist! He drew me several wonderful pictures. Here is a "castle princess" picture he made for me.

Stasia was very creative with some sticks she found outside and made me these flags!


Sienna and I

Sabrina and I

Shenandoah and I

The Cochran Clan

Sabrina made me a wonderful "Chocolate Boston Cake". Yum!!!

My birthday prayer... (Shenandoah was very fascinated with the candles and I think Sabrina was a little nervous, but I was holding her hands :)



That last picture brings back memories - on Sydnee's first birthday we went to Braum's and got her a strawberry shortcake sundae. Unfortunately, she reached out and grabbed the candle before we could stop her and instead of eating any of it, she spent the rest of the time with her hand in the ice cream, crying!

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Savannah!!