Friday, February 24, 2012

This Past Week

The Gernert's came for dinner!

 The parents

 Ms. Patty and Shenandoah

 Look at that tail! :) 
Somehow we ended up with only one pair of pajamas for Shenandoah!  So we had to pick her up a pair...

 Lunch around the counter

We got (a little) more snow!

I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon walk through our village

Bible study on our stairs

Math-U-See blocks aren't only for math, but work really good for building too!!

Seth built this model of our German house - we thought it turned out really good!!!

The sun was so pretty coming up one morning as it was shining on the houses behind us.

I made our super tonic!! 
(much to the joy of the younger members of the family:)

Sabrina made delicious pumpkin muffins for breakfast one morning!!!


Veronica said...

What a blessing that you are able to have friends over!
BTW, Those muffins look yummy, Sabrina!! Bread happens to be a weakness of mine :D!! lol!

Veronica said...

ok....I was the first one to click "other" in your poll :)
I just couldn't pick one!! I LOVE them ALL!!!!!!

PS. I got your letter today :)
In responding can I use the return addy on your envelope to send a letter to you?

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Wow! One whole month in Germany!! I think I would love to live in another country!
But, I'll suffice myself with reading ya'lls blog and thoroughly enjoying it!!!!

Loved all the posts... and I'm sorry I can't comment more.. I just don't have a whole lot of time.

But, I DO look at them!!! (SO neat about finding those books too!!!! I love it when I can find some!)

Love to all!

leanne said...

What a fun time! Those muffins look delicious!

Cochran Family said...

Thank you EVERYONE for the comments - it's such a joy to hear from all of you!!

And yes, Veronica, that would be perfect as far as responding goes. :)

Blessings to you all!

~ Savannah

P.S. Those muffins WERE delicious - they didn't last long!! :)

Lisa said...

It is so fun to see pictures and know what you all are doing! What an amazing experience that God is giving you.