Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy's HOME!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!! Daddy made it home safe and sound Friday evening (after quite the day of flight delays!!). We're so happy to have him home and are thanking the Lord for His protection.

So this brings to a close "Operation Germany" for the Cochran family. What an amazing past few months this has been. You know what this also means...I have a working computer now!!! I'm looking forward to getting back into our European blog posts - as I still have quite a few to do!

We're excited, now that we're home, to begin digging deeper into all of the history and experiences that we had while we were away. The scrapbooking, picture sorting, and further history exploration begins!! So I guess with all of this and the upcoming blog posts, you could say that "Operation Germany" isn't quite over after all - especially since the memories that we made are ones that will last a lifetime...

P.S. I've got pictures coming within the next couple of days of daddy's "welcome home" event!! :)

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Lisa said...

Hoooorraayy!!!!!!!!! Thank God!!!!!

Rejoicing with you all!!