Friday, July 27, 2012

"We Were There!"

It's been fun to be able to say this in regards to certain things we've run across since we've been back home. One of these occurrences was the other day and we thought we'd post about it here...

Mommy started reading this book to us the other evening. We are really enjoying it!! It was a paragraph in the beginning of the first chapter that really stood out to us though:

"The Jura is a range of mountains of a peculiar limestone formation, extending from the angle formed by the Rhone and the Ain in the north-easterly direction, for more than four hundred and fifty miles, to the upper part of the source of the Main. The Rhone, breaking through it between Schaffhausen and Basle*, divides it into two parts, the Swiss or French, and the German Jura."

*Basle or Basil is in Switzerland. One thing we learned while in Germany is that depending on what country you're in, city names have much different spellings!! Though I plan on posting of it when we have a working computer, Basil was one of the places we visited during our last couple of weeks there.

It's really great to be able to picture in our minds the things that we're reading about and to think that we were there!! We saw those mountains in the distance during our trip to Basil. When we went to Garmisch we were in the same mountain region. Do you remember Neuschwanstein Castle? Part of the castle is built out of limestone and there is also much limestone in the surrounding mountain ranges. Thus the reason that it requires all the extra up keep and repair work (and all the scaffolding!!). While on our visit to the castle we got some rocks from the surrounding woods. You can see the limestone rocks below.

Note: If you plan on building a castle and want it to stick around long after you're gone and you also don't want to worry about whose going to maintain it - don't build on or out of limestone!!! It sure makes for a pretty spectacular castle though. :) More on Neuschwanstein in my next post!

P.S. If you need a good family book recommendation, here it is!!

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