Monday, July 2, 2012

Our First Few Days With Hannah

We've been having such a delightful time and are very thankful for this time we can have together!! Here are some pictures of what we've been doing...


We started off the day with a special goodie bag that Hannah brought with her. What a fun treat!!! We were blessed by their thoughtfulness to each of us and all the special notes - thank you!!

Honor's watermelon (great job Honor!!) has a nice place on our china cabinet which also houses a variety of special things.

Hope's Candles look beautiful on top of our piano - they match the flowers perfectly!!! (Hope, I'm going to have to get in touch with you this fall when I go to make some myself. You do such a nice job!! :)

Some of us then went out to pick fruit. Seth is pictured above in the process of picking nectarines!


There they are!!

Stasia picking goji berries

Next came the plumb picking!!

This was our first time to harvest grapes!! Yay!!!

It was quite exciting!!

Shenandoah and Hannah reading books and playing kitchen. Shenandoah really keeps Hannah's life full in her waking hours and doesn't like Hannah to be out of her sight for any length of time!! :) She is definitely glad that Hannah is here (as are all of us!!).

That afternoon, we ran some errands in town...

Sayer and Shenandoah enjoyed this cart at the commissary!!

Mommy got us each a RitterSport bar!! Mmmm... We were happy to see that they have them at our commissary. We'll have to keep an eye on that though - it could be dangerous...!! :)

Of course a stop at Cherry Berry was in store :)

As well as a stop at Wal Mart!!

Sabrina and Hannah making popcorn for our showtime. Hannah showed us how they do it on the stove!

We also learned that popcorn with salt AND pepper is delicious!!! We'd never had pepper on popcorn before!! :)

We got to learn how to tap trees and make maple syrup!!

Many hands sure do make light work!!


After a wonderful time of worship and fellowship at church, we ate some dinner, had a hymn sing, reviewed chores and schedule for the coming week, and then mommy, Hannah, and I ended up having a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship into the wee hours of the morning! :)

Singing hymns

Today!! (Monday)

School was accomplished, as well as our time of Bible memory and morning reading all gathered around mommy.

Shenandoah and Hannah playing bears

We're working on some canning!! This is a great canning book in case you're interested.

Canning setup once again!

Preparing the plumbs!!

Okra soaking in preparation for canning in a little while

A game of tick tack toe as I'm typing this! :)

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