Sunday, July 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

I got behind on my weekly posts of misc pictures!! Here are a few now from the week or two before Hannah came. After these couple of posts, I have a lot of pictures I'm looking forward to posting of what we've been up to in more recent times!!! :)

Seth fixed the bottom of our table for us!!

Sabrina surprised us one night by making this yummy dessert...

... I think it was a hit!!!


Daddy read to us over face time. What a special time with daddy and we've since finished our book!!

We're so thankful for face time

Daddy sent us a postcard of a new place he visited

Shenandoah loves her felt dolls

Seth surprised us one day by his newest climbing feat!! :)

This is called doing dishes with POTS - it's easier than standing. Anything that helps!! :)

Shenandoah enjoyed water painting for the first time

Instead of a castle, Seth's building project this week was the church in Sainte Mere Eglise and the burning building. My brothers are intrigued by the D-Day invasion and the story of the 82nd paratroopers during it and the sacrifice they made.

That's our Sayer!! :)

There was this beautiful moth

Playing dress up

We got to watch...

...a locust come out of its skin - aren't its wings beautiful?!

We were so happy for the opportunity to watch it - good job Seth for finding it!!

The stickers are really bad this year - ouch!!! That's why we don't wear shoes in the house!!

Sayer was hungry one afternoon (actually, it's a common occurrence :) and with mommy's permission he made a fabulous looking creation.

WWII reenactments have been a huge part of our life since our studies while we were away. I believe they were playing part of the group that went to secure Pegasus Bridge in a glider.

Complete with proper landing positions and everything!! :)

Shenandoah does a wonderful job swallowing her vitamins - that's quite an accomplishment for a little one her age!!

Good job, sis!!

Our favorite castle picture of the week - thanks to google images!!

This is Burg Eltz - you'll here more about this once I have the ability to access our overseas pictures...

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amy said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures, Savannah! I enjoyed seeing them!

I'm *so* very sorry for not having written or emailed you in so long! Please forgive me! Life has been a whirlwind for the last couple months, but I'm still so sorry that I haven't done a better job staying in touch with you!

God bless, dear friend!