Friday, June 29, 2012

Look Who Came To Oklahoma!!!

Today was a very exciting and much anticipated day in the Cochran household... Hannah Harris has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks!!!

We've been looking forward to this very much (ever since we found out!!) and were happy to be able to finally drive down and pick her up from the airport early this afternoon. YAY!!!! :)

Everything looking good and according to schedule!! I was happy to be able to figure out how to check the flight schedule from the road. We were very thankful that WE arrived on time as well. :)

Will Rogers World Airport

A very special passenger pickup :)

Waiting (with great anticipation!!)

No sign of her yet...

...there she is!!!!!

We're so happy to have Hannah back in Oklahoma again - at least for a little while!!

Enjoying fellowship over iced tea and pretzels

Hannah and Shenandoah

Our dinner layout - "Brugge" sandwiches (a re-creation from Belgium) and some of our canned goodies. We used our Polish pottery serving dishes for the first time too!!

Everyone together!!

Thank you dear Harris family for the huge blessing of having Hannah stay with us. What a joy and delight!! It will certainly help the remaining time with daddy away pass most pleasantly as well. :) We love you all and look forward to someday when we can ALL be together!!!

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