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Fun With Joshua, Worms, and Heidelberg May 9th, 2012

We were so happy that Joshua made it back to Germany and to have another opportunity to fellowship and do a little better at showing him around.  We decided on going to Worms, and of course we had to go to Heidelberg!!  In typical Cochran fashion, we squeezed as much as we could into a short amount of time.  Enjoy the pictures!!

While mommy went to pick daddy up from work, the rest of us took Joshua on a walk through our village.  It turned into an adventure when it started pouring down rain!!  I thought weather in Oklahoma changed fast, but in Germany, it can change from sunny to rainy in no time!!  It was fun though.

An all important stop before getting on the road.

On the autobahn once again.

Castle ruins by the highway.

German countryside.  Doesn't it almost look like it could be a painting?

Worms church from outside of town.

After the GPS leading us down a dead end, we finally found our way and set off to walk.  You can tell you're in Martin luther territory when the street name is "Lutherring".

We forgot our maps and information (or rather, I think I forgot the maps and info! :)

Joshua and Seth went back to retrieve it for us though!

Worms Cathedral.

Shell marks on the church.

There was a plaque about Martin Luther on the building across the street.

This is where the building used to stand that the Diet of Worms took place in.

Standing where Martin Luther stood.

A fun big tree.

Of course Seth found it!

Pause for a picture!

The Reformation monument at Worms - it is the largest Reformation monument in the world.
All around the monument are names of the prominent people and cities that first accepted the Reformation.  It was interesting because one of the people, Franz von Sickingen, was the last knight of Nanstein Castle!

Off to Heidelberg we go!

Thingstatte that way (or something like that :).

If you remember from when I posted about our first time in Heidelberg last year, you may remember our hike on the "Philosopher's Walk".  One of our goals was to hike up to the Thingstatte - an open air amphitheater that Hitler built to use for his rallies.  That was before we realized how high up it was!! :)  We then attempted to drive to the top, but without GPS coordinates, that was a challenge.  So we saved it for another time, which ended up being this day!!

The woods were so lush and green.

We found it!


"Bub" and Shenandoah

Sir father, the great orator.

Jet contrails over the thingstatte.

Looking down from up top.

Mommy was standing down below and had her zoom lens on her camera.  With it all the way zoomed, this is how close she could get.  Hopefully that helps give a good idea of how high up we were.

One of the neat things about the Thingstatte is it's acoustics.  We could hear mommy talking in a normal voice down below.

It was a blessing being able to meet two military chaplains who were also visiting the Thingstatte that day.  It was a blessing because if it hadn't been for them, we wouldn't have explored Saint Michael's Monastery a little farther up!!

Up we go.

Saint Michael's Monastery

The scenery was so pretty - you could see such a long way from up in the "turret".

The brick outline marks where a Roman temple used to stand.  The columns are from the temple as well.


It would have been fun to explore down there!

Looking through the window out over more of the ruins.  It was fun to imagine who used to stand there.

There were some giant snails!!

Group picture!  Thank you, mommy!

On the drive back down, we stopped at the smaller Saint Stephen's Monastery.

A picture in front of Heidelberg castle.

Joshua got the best picture of the castle.  Thank you, Joshua, for sharing it!

Heidelberg Church.

We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Joshua to doner and also our favorite place to get it!

After dinner, we headed off to get...


Walking the streets of Heidelberg at night.

What a fun day - we're so glad you could come!!

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Abby said...

I can see you had such a wonderful time in Europe! Visiting so many place like Omaha beach, castles, museums almost makes me jealous.:)
My sisters and I are also a fan of Douglas Bond books but we haven't read "The Betrayal". Seeing your post about your visit to John Calvin's birth place made me want to buy the book and read it :)