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Trier, Germany May 13th, 2012

On our way home from Spangdahlem, we went through Trier.  They call Trier "Little Rome" because of all the Roman ruins that are still there today. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Where we spent the night.  The TLF's on Spangdahlem are great!

Having fun at the park before heading on our way.

Crossing the Mosel River.

The Porta Nigra is the largest remaining Roman city gate in the world.

We enter the gate.

This gentleman was giving some sort of narration/reenactment - if only we could understand German! :)

By the Porta Nigra.

Inside the Porta Nigra.

It's a rather large gate!!

A perfect place to get a picture!


Down below.

Rooftops of Trier.

Of course...

...we got doner for lunch!!

These people came up to us and said "Were you at the classical music conference in Prague a few weeks ago?"  What a small world! Imagine meeting up again in another country!! :)  

The Roman Baths in Trier.

Pausing to discuss the sites.

Next we headed off to the Roman amphitheater.

If you can see from the picture, the different tiers in the grass is where they had seating.  

In the arena.

Down underneath the arena is where they kept the animals.

It was amazing walking through here.  

Don't fall down there!!

In one of the cells.  
We don't know the history behind this amphitheater, but it was sobering to think that even if Christians weren't persecuted in this very one, many were persecuted in ones very similar to it.

The Electoral Palace - considered one of the most beautiful rococo palaces in the world.

The grounds outside are very lovely.

Their was a choir singing what sounded like hymns near the gardens.

The Constantine Basilica

It was built by Emperor Constantine in around 310 A.D. and even had a floor and wall heating system!

The Cathedral of Trier or Cathedral of Saint Peter.  It's the oldest cathedral in Germany.

Standing in line...

...for some awesome ice-cream cones!! :)

Enjoying some delicious coffee!!


It helped to warm you up which was an added plus!

Dinner in Trier.

In front of the Porta Nigra.

It's a problem when your parking garage is closed when you get back to it (and you didn't even know that is was going to close).  Thankfully we were able to finally get it worked out.  Always an adventure!!

An original Roman bridge over the Mosel in Trier.

Across the river.

Why is this important?  It was the first time we had gotten home from a trip in daylight!!

 Apparently she was all tuckered out from the day.

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Carissa Rose said...

That is so neat that you met up with those people again after the classical music conference :D

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