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Brugge Belgium May 6th, 2012

On our way home from Normandy, we went to Brugge Belgium.  We only spent five hours there, but we had TONS of fun!!  It was probably one of our favorite stops.  They call Brugge "Little Venice".  It's nice because it's one of those rare places that has lots of tourists, but doesn't feel "touristy".  Going to Brugge we had five main goals:

  1. Boat ride in the canal 
  2. Get some Belgium chocolate
  3. Get some Belgium fries (because regardless of the fact that we call them "French" fries, they actually originated in Belgium!!).
  4. Watch some lace making.
  5. Eat some Belgium waffles.
(Really healthy food day, I know, but we won't go there :).

One of the things that made it so fun is that we actually got all of that accomplished and had a great time in the process.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from our day!  

A rather large and interesting bridge that we crossed that day.

Since we were passing near where the battle of Dunkerque took place, mommy read to us about it in the car.

 Gas stop!

Entering Belgium.

In which we arrive and set out...

These were the best sandwiches!!!  One of our new favorites - we call them Brugge sandwiches!!

We've tried to re-create them since we've been home - pretty good, but not quite like the Brugge!

On our way again.

We got to watch this lady make lace bookmarks and actually buy the one we watched her make (us girls all got one too)!!

In the lace making shop.

Streets of Brugge.

We decided we better try them the traditional way - with mayonnaise!!  I'm sure this probably sounds about as strange to you as it did to me!!  Let me tell you though - it was SO good (and that's coming from someone who said she would never eat fries with mayonnaise)!!!

The rest of the time we were in Europe, that's how most of us would order them.  Although you have to keep in mind that European mayo is different than ours.  We tried it with "our" mayo and it's just not that great.  After searching the web to try and find a recipe for European mayonnaise, I discovered that if you mix some red wine vinegar into normal mayonnaise (you just have to do it to taste), it is actually a pretty good re-creation.  Still not quite as good as the real thing, but it certainly works as a substitute!

I love this picture of Shen.

This bird enjoyed fries that fell on the ground.  It was funny to watch it eat the long ones!!

An all important stop - wouldn't you agree?!

Canal ride - here we come!!

There were a lot of swans!

We learned some interesting facts about the culture.  Why do you suppose some of the windows are boarded up?  They tax individual windows in Belgium (among other things), so if they're boarded up, they don't count as a window and it reduces taxes!!

It's strange seeing doors right on the water!

Some of the bridges you went under almost made you think you were going to hit your head!!

Canals of Brugge.

Belgium waffles and coffee!!

She got her own bowl of strawberries!!

A pretty little park that was across from where we parked.

The kids had fun playing before loading back up in the van.

By a fun big tree.

None of us kids had ever been on a ferris wheel before (other than a little mini one).

So on the way out of town we had our first ride!  It was a little nerve racking every time you were up at  the very top - especially when it stopped to load more people down below!!

Shen loved it.  Sayer could have done without it and couldn't wait to put his feet back on terra firma.

The rooftops of Brugge.

On the road home.

Out the window.

We saw hot air balloons!!  I think we counted around 10!!

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