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Three Country Tour... May 19th, 2012

On this particular day, we had breakfast in Germany, drove down to Basel, Switzerland and had lunch there, then finished up the day with dinner in Strasbourg, France.  It's funny how you can travel to three different countries in probably less the distance than it takes to travel to three different states - it just sounds bigger.  We had several goals and places we wanted to visit this day. Enjoy the pictures!

I'll start off with just a ton of scenic pictures from the road that day.
It was a very misty morning.

If you didn't use a GPS, it would be rather important to know the alternate names of different cities you were going to see.  This sign has both Basel and Bale on it, but on a previous sign, it had only listed Bale.  Another example would be Munich.  In Germany they call it Munchen.

One interesting (and slightly nerve-wracking) thing about Basel is that the cars and trams share the same road/tracks often times.  It just doesn't seem quite right to drive down an in-use tram track!

An interesting structure in the middle of town.

The shape of this building reminded me of Constantine's Basilica.

Walking the streets of Basel.

We walked around this outdoor market.


An interesting building across the street.

Lunch in Switzerland.

Ice cream!

Of course, Starbucks is always a necessary stop.

On our way back to our van, we took a different route.  After walking up 55 stairs, we came out at this very neat and quaint little street.

Weisweil, the home of some of my mother's ancestors, was our next stop.

Here are some pictures from the streets of Weisweil.

We went to the cemetery.

It was really amazing to see all of the graves with the last name of Ehredt - my grandmother's maiden name.

Goodbye, Goodbye.

Out the window.

A fun sign in Strasbourg - the distance to many different cities around the world.

We watched this parade.

A stop at a patisserie.

French eclairs are so good!

A fun store - they have some wonderful smelling candles and soaps (among other things)!

We got some doner for dinner and stopped at a park to eat.

The kids had fun playing afterward.

This is one of the churches where John Calvin preached.

A Gutenberg monument.

Narrow streets.

Another pretty church in town.

Strasbourg cathedral.  Wow.

The sky was beautiful on the way home.

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